bex-picFace invader, a.k.a. Rebecca Ward, has been creating theatrical disguise for the last six years. In 1990, lacking technical skills and after a three month student political occupation at her uni with no lessons, lecturers or even technicians on hand to teach, she was ejected from her fashion course at Middlesex University failing by just one point. Disheartened, Rebecca turned to her secondary passion, music, for comfort. It was the second ‘Summer of Love’ and with it came big outdoor parties and all the escape she needed to forget her failings. After a hedonistic trip to Amsterdam, Rebecca bought some vinyl, and turntables and so began her 26 year career as a DJ.

As time wore on, Rebecca decided her DJ persona ‘TB
X’ needed to be disguised. Whilst gaining notoriety on London’s nightlife scene she felt her personal life was under some scrutiny and thought that ‘hiding in plain view’ was the way to resolve the creeping anxiety she was experiencing at gigs. Liberated by the revelation of theatrical disguise, she recalled the skills she had learned over two decades ago and began to make, masks initially, followed by hats, wigs and headdresses and so, Face Invader was created. Working out of her home studio in Walthamstow, Rebecca no longer feels the need to disguise herself quite so dramatically, but welcomes you to go and trawl through her treasure trove of feathers, leathers, crystals and incredible array of found and vintage valuables for commissions or indeed to purchase a ready made item. Face Invader is also stocked at WALL & JONES Boutique on the Hackney Road in London’s East End.